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If initiated, the second phase requires additional specificity and supporting information from the Applicant, coordination with Staff and any interested parties to refine and calibrate the amendment, but otherwise follows the standard procedure for the processing of ULDC amendments.

Watershed PUD plan shall indicate the entire contiguous holding of the petitioner or owner who wishes to develop the entire parcel or any part thereof, and shall include the area and use of land adjacent to the parcel to be developed.

All written determinations shall give notice of the right to appeal.

You will get an opportunity to interact with the Planning Commission and Council when these bodies consider your application.

The original do for major strategies and city planning commission also direct future development proposed amendment before the amendments to be forwarded to the zoning administrator shall consider the crystal lake.

See Nightlife Partners, Ltd. WHAT IS A LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENT? Zoning commission fails to assist the approving a city planning amendment process ends the city hall pass may give second council, approve your item is. PUBLIC HEARING Council will hold a public hearing on DATEat TIMEat LOCATIONto hear any person or group that wants to comment on the proposed bylaw. The Planning Division of PZB shall be the professional staff of the PLC.

Local Planning Scheme No. The application may be submitted at any time and shall be accompanied by a fee established by the BCC for the filing and processing of each application. May be reviewed and approved concurrent with a Final Master Plan that was approved by the BCC.

Can I attend the Council Meeting? AFFIDAVITUnder penalty of perjury the following declarations are made: The undersigned is the owner or authorized agent of the owner of this property. Planning Commission Report, reject the recommendation, or accept the recommendation with conditions.

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Legal Services for review. Any minor amendment shall be submitted to the Commission for approval and must contain the information required by the regulations of the Commission. The DRO shall have the authority to impose Conditions of Approval for administrative DOs.

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