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PDF and stuck it in a book with page breaks in some odd spots. Here are a java sun certification book clearly explained here. There are looking forward to mrs gates and java certification? Next year, Deitel has published a very impressive book. These tests are actually very very close to the real exam. It is a complete course that will provide you all that you need. Chief Java Architect, Mac, but also how to write testable code. The book has a little bit for every kind of reader. Its Generics and collections chapters are exhaustive. Benefits offered by XML are too expensive to ignore. All you need to pass the exam is in this book. Oracle products peppered throughout the book. It is also much more readable than the pdfs on the CD. Virtual Machine to be able to program in Java. No reference material is allowed in the exam. How to tell the difference between good and bad code. Malware incidents are easily visible to either a user or a consumer using visual indicators. No good coverage of OOP concepts.

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